Recipe Index



  1. Almond, in green and yellow beans, with shallot
  2. Apple sauce, with roast pork etc.
  3. Asparagus, char-grilled, with steak and burnt sage butter mash
  4. Asparagus, rice and pancetta soup
  5. Asparagus, with broccoli, lemon and shallot on spaghetti
  6. Asparagus, with pancetta and soft boiled eggs
  7. Australian Onion Soup
  8. Avocado, with fennel and mandarin salad
  9. Avocado, mango and chilli salsa (with pan-fried barramundi)
  10. Avocado Salad


  1. Baby Silverbeet with Garlic Crostini
  2. Bacon, streaky with roast chicken stuffed with potatoes and sage
  3. Bacon, feta and capsicum muffin
  4. Banana and Brown Sugar Porridge
  5. Baked Salmon in Lemon Butter with Pasta
  6. Banana and Custard
  7. Barramundi, pan-fried with mango, avocado and chilli salsa
  8. Basil, risotto with tomato and goat cheese
  9. Basil, Thai, stir-fried with eggplant, chilli and garlic
  10. Beansprouts, with mussels in Thai crispy pancake
  11. Bean curd, salt and pepper (tofu)
  12. Beans, yellow and green, with almond and shallots
  13. Berries ‘n Cherries summer trifle
  14. Beef Chow Fun
  15. Beef, rice noodles, stir-fried
  16. Beef, roast with Yorkshire pudding
  17. Beef, wagyu, cooking at home
  18. Beetroot and Yoghurt Salad
  19. Beetroot Dip
  20. Beetroot Salsa
  21. Biryani, with vegetables
  22. Biscuits, peanut butter, chocolate chips and pretzel (cookies)
  23. Blueberry Sauce
  24. Braised Cabbage with Bacon
  25. Bread salad, with goat cheese, tomato and basil
  26. Breakfast Bruschetta
  27. Breakfast Quintet, The
  28. Broccoli rice
  29. Broccoli, with asparagus, lemon and shallot on spaghetti
  30. Bruschetta, breakfast
  31. Buns, hot cross
  32. Burger, Chicken with the Lot
  33. Burnt sage butter mashed potato
  34. Buttercream frosting, lemon, with chocolate cupcakes
  35. Butter chicken (murgh makhani)
  36. Buttered spinach with pinenuts


  1. Cabbage, Braised with Bacon
  2. Caesar Salad, with crayfish (yabbies)
  3. Calamari, garlic and pepper (Thai style)
  4. Calamari, spaghetti, with cherry tomatoes
  5. Casserole, rabbit, country-style
  6. Cauliflower and Cheese
  7. Cauliflower, with penne, peas, mint and breadcrumb
  8. Char-grilled Vegetables
  9. Cherry tomatoes, spaghetti with baby calamari
  10. Chicken a la King
  11. Chicken and Leek Pie
  12. Chicken and Tortilla Soup
  13. Chicken Burger with the Lot (Joshua’s Style)
  14. Chicken, Butter
  15. Chicken Curry, Sri Lankan-style
  16. Chicken Gravy
  17. Chicken Noodle Soup
  18. Chicken Noodle Soup #2, Chinese Style
  19. Chicken, roasted and wrapped with streaky bacon and stuffed with potatoes and sage
  20. Chicken, shashlik
  21. Chicken Stir-fried with Basil and Chilli (Pad Grapow)
  22. Chips, Oven-baked with Sea Salt and Chilli Flakes
  23. Chinese Olive Fried Rice with Prawns, Bok Choy and Green Beans
  24. Chocolate Cupcakes with Lemon Buttercream Frosting
  25. Chocolate chips, peanut butter and pretzel biscuits (cookies)
  26. Chorizo, Fennel and Tomato Risotto
  27. Chorizo, and seafood paella
  28. Cinnamon Tea
  29. Clams, with spaghetti
  30. Cock-a-leekie pie
  31. Cookies, peanut butter, chocolate chips and pretzels
  32. Corn, and rice pudding
  33. Country Style Rabbit Casserole
  34. Crabs, blue swimmer, in paella
  35. Crabs, blue swimmer, steamed with Thai seafood dipping sauce
  36. Crayfish, with Caesar salad
  37. Creamy Garlic Prawns
  38. Crispy mussel and beansprout pancake, Thai style
  39. Crispy Zucchini Flowers with Ricotta, Mint and Lemon Zest
  40. Crostini, with silverbeet and garlic
  41. Cupcakes, rich chocolate with lemon buttercream frosting
  42. Curry, chiken, Sri Lankan-style


  1. Dan Dan Noodles
  2. Dip, beetroot


  1. Eggnog (cooked)
  2. Eggplant, stir-fried with Thai basil, chilli and garlic
  3. Eggs, boiled in a microwave
  4. Eggs, fried Thai style
  5. Eggs, scrambled with buttered spinach, pan-fried mushrooms and tomato
  6. Eggs, soft-boiled with pancetta-wrapped asparagus
  7. Eggs, son-in-law
  8. Enchilada, ocean trout
  9. Enchilada sauce


  1. Fabulous Bread Salad (with goat cheese, tomato and basil)
  2. Fennel, Mandarin and Avocado Salad
  3. Fennel, chorizo and tomato risotto
  4. Feta, bacon and capsicum muffins
  5. Fettucine with Rainbow Silverbeet, Pancetta and Cream
  6. Fig, Mozzarella, Ham and Rocket Salad
  7. Fishballs and Cabbage Soup
  8. Fish (barramundi), pan-fried, with mango, avocado and chilli salsa
  9. Fish and Chips with Mushy Peas
  10. Flapjacks, Scottish
  11. French Toasts with Blueberry Sauce
  12. Fried Egg, Thai Style
  13. Fried rice, with Chinese olives, prawns, bok choy and green beans
  14. Frittata, Zucchini, Peas and Ricotta


  1. Garlic Prawns, with Cream Sauce
  2. Glass noodles, with prawns, baked in claypot
  3. Glass Noodles with Zucchini, Mushrooms and Chinese Sausage
  4. Goat cheese, risotto with tomato and basil
  5. Goat cheese, salad with bread, tomato and basil
  6. Green and yellow beans, with almond and shallot
  7. Green papaya salad, Thai style (Som tum Thai)
  8. Gnocchi, pumpkin, with brie and walnut sauce
  9. Goong Ob Woonsen (prawns and glass noodles in claypot)


  1. Hoy Tod (Crispy mussels and beansprouts pancake)
  2. Honey, oats and butter biscuits (flapjacks)
  3. Hot cross buns


  1. Insalata di Strada (Italian Street Salad)
  2. Italian Street Salad


  1. Japanese Potato Salad
  2. Japanese Omelet Rice (omuraisu)


  1. Lamb Chops with Cauliflower and Cheese
  2. Lamb, roasted with lemon and oregano, wrap
  3. Lamb, roasted with Rosemary and Garlic
  4. Lamb, rogan josh
  5. Lamb, shashlik
  6. Lamb, soup with tomato
  7. Leek, and chicken pie
  8. Lemon and Oregano Lamb Wrap
  9. Lunchbox Pasta (#1)


  1. Khao kaa moo (braised pork knuckle on rice, Thai-style)
  2. Korma, Navaratan (Vegetable)


  1. Macaroni Stir-fry (pad macaroni)
  2. Mandarin, with fennel and avocado salad
  3. Mango, avocado and chilli salsa (with pan-fried barramundi)
  4. Meatballs with Cream Sauce and Parsley
  5. Mexican Rice
  6. Midye Dolmasi (Turkish Stuffed Mussels)
  7. Mongolian Lamb with Vegetables
  8. Muffin, savoury, with bacon, feta and capsicum
  9. Murgh Makhani (butter chicken)
  10. Mushrooms, Breakfast, Pan-fried
  11. Mushroom Risotto
  12. Mushy Peas (with Fish and Chips)
  13. Mussels, in crispy Thai-style pancake with bean sprouts
  14. Mussels, in seafood paella
  15. Mussels, stuffed with rice, pine nuts and raisins, Turkish style (Midye dolmasi)


  1. Naan (failed)
  2. Navratan Korma (Vegetable)
  3. Nicoise Salad, with marinated, seared tuna
  4. Noodles, Dan Dan
  5. Noodle Soup, with Chicken and Bok Choy
  6. Noodles, stir-fried with twice-cooked pork and chilli bean sauce


  1. Oat, honey & butter biscuits (flapjacks)
  2. Omelet with Veggies and Cheese
  3. Onion soup, Australian
  4. Oven-baked Chips with Sea Salt and Chilli Flakes


  1. Pad Grapow Gai Kai Dow
  2. Paella, seafood and chorizo
  3. Pancake, vegetable, with smoked salmon
  4. Pancake, crispy Thai style, with mussels and beansprouts
  5. Pancetta-wrapped asparagus with soft boiled eggs
  6. Pancetta, with asparagus and rice soup
  7. Pancetta, with silverbeet and cream sauce on fettucine
  8. Papaya, green, salad, Thai style
  9. Pappardelle with Rabbit Ragu
  10. Pasta – Summer pasta with prawns, chorizo and olives
  11. Peanut butter, chocolate chips and pretzel biscuits (cookies)
  12. Penne with Cauliflower, Peas, Mint and Breadcrumb
  13. Penne with Tuna and Fennel
  14. Penne Carbonara with Zucchini
  15. Pie, chicken and leek
  16. Pizza, Roasted Pumpkin, Goat Cheese, Ricotta, Semi-dried Tomatoes
  17. Pla muk gratiam prik thai (squid in garlic and pepper sauce)
  18. Pork knuckle, braised, Thai-style (khao kaa moo)
  19. Pork, roasted with crackling, apple sauce and roast vegetables
  20. Pork, sweet and sour
  21. Pork, twice-cooked, stir-fried with noodles
  22. Potato and Cauliflower Soup
  23. Potato, salad, Japanese
  24. Potato, stuffed in streaky bacon wrapped roast chicken
  25. Potato, sweet, and pumpkin puree
  26. Potato, mashed, with burnt sage butter
  27. Prawns – summer prawn pasta with chorizo and olives
  28. Prawns, sweet and sour
  29. Prawns, with garlic and cream sauce
  30. Prawns and Glass Noodles in Claypot
  31. Pudding, Yorkshire
  32. Pumpkin and sweet potato puree
  33. Pumpkin Gnocchi with Brie and Walnut Sauce


  1. Rabbit, country style casserole
  2. Rabbit ragu, with pappardelle
  3. Raisin, pine nut and rice stuffing for mussels
  4. Rice Noodles with Beef (beef chow fun)
  5. Rice Noodles with Minced Pork (rard nar moo sub)
  6. Rice, fried, with Chinese olives, prawns, bok choy and green beans
  7. Rice, pine nut and raisin stuffing with mussels
  8. Rice pudding with sweet corn (Vietnamese)
  9. Rice, broccoli
  10. Rice, Mexican
  11. Rice, steamed
  12. Rice, with asparagus and pancetta soup
  13. Rice, with saffron
  14. Risotto, chorizo, fennel and tomato
  15. Risotto, mushrooms
  16. Risotto, spring vegetable and goat cheese
  17. Risotto, sweet tomato, goat cheese, and basil
  18. Roast beef, roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings
  19. Roast chicken with real gravy and roast vegetables
  20. Roasted Chicken Wrapped with Streaky Bacon and Stuffed with Potatoes and Sage
  21. Roast lamb with rosemary and garlic
  22. Roast pork with crackling, apple sauce and roast vegetables
  23. Roast potatoes, parsnips and carrots
  24. Roasted Pumpkin with Goat Cheese, Ricotta and Semi-dried Tomatoes Pizza
  25. Rogan Josh (lamb)
  26. Russian-style barbecued meat skewers


  1. Sage, burnt butter with mashed potatoes
  2. Saffron Rice
  3. Salad, avocado
  4. Salad, bread, goat cheese, tomato and basil
  5. Salad, Caesar, with crayfish
  6. Salad, Fennel, Mandarin and Avocado
  7. Salad, Italian Street (with potato, salad leaves, blood oranges)
  8. Salad, potato, Japanese-style
  9. Salmon, baked in lemon butter with pasta
  10. Salsa, beetroot
  11. Salt and Pepper Tofu (bean curd)
  12. Scottish Flapjacks (oat, honey & butter biscuits)
  13. Seafood Dipping Sauce, Thai
  14. Seafood Paella
  15. Seared Tuna with Thyme and Lemon (in Nicoise Salad)
  16. Shallot, with asparagus, broccoli and lemon on spaghetti
  17. Shashlik (Russian-style barbecued meat skewers)
  18. Silverbeet, with pancetta and cream sauce on fettucine
  19. Silverbeet and Garlic Crostini
  20. Som tum Thai (Green papaya salad, Thai style)
  21. Son-in-law eggs
  22. Soup, Lamb and Tomato
  23. Soup, onion, Australian
  24. Spaghetti alla Carbonara
  25. Spaghetti Bolognese (Best Ever!)
  26. Spaghetti con vongole (spaghetti with clam sauce)
  27. Spaghetti meatballs
  28. Spaghetti with asparagus, broccoli, lemon and shallot
  29. Spaghetti with baby calamari and cherry tomatoes
  30. Spanish baked rice with seafood (Paella)
  31. Spicy Lamb and Tomato Soup
  32. Spinach, with Pinenuts
  33. Spring Vegetable and Goat Cheese Risotto
  34. Squid in Garlic and Pepper Sauce (Thai-style)
  35. Sri Lankan Chicken Curry
  36. Steak, char-grilled, with asparagus, burnt sage butter mash
  37. Steak, wagyu, cooking at home
  38. Steamed Blue Swimmer Crabs with Thai Seafood Dipping Sauce
  39. Street Salad, Italian (Insalata di Strada)
  40. Stuffed mussels, Turkish style with rice, pine nuts and raisins (Midye dolmasi)
  41. Sweet and Sour Pork (Chinese-style)
  42. Sweet and Sour Prawns
  43. Sweet potato, and pumpkin puree
  44. Sweet Tomato, Goat Cheese and Basil Risotto
  45. Szechuan Dan Dan Noodles


  1. Tempura Fish (and Chips)
  2. Thai CrispyMussel and Beansprout Pancake
  3. Thai Seafood Dipping Sauce
  4. Thai Seafood Red Curry
  5. Toasted Sandwich with Char-grilled Veggies, Pesto and Rocket
  6. Tofu, salt and pepper
  7. Tomato, Breakfast, Pan-fried
  8. Tomato, salad with bread, goat cheese and basil
  9. Tortilla Soup, with chicken
  10. Trifle, Berries n’ Cherries
  11. Trout Enchilada
  12. Twice-cooked Pork Noodles
  13. Tuna, seared, marinated with thyme and lemon (in nicoise salad)


  1. Vegetable Biryani
  2. Vegetable pancake, with smoked salmon
  3. Vegetables, roasted, with roast pork and apple sauce
  4. Vongole, with spaghetti


  1. Yabbies, with Caesar salad
  2. Yorkshire Pudding, with roast beef and roast potatoes


  1. Wagyu, cooking at home
  2. Wrap, lamb with lemon and oregano


  1. Zucchini Flower, stuffed with ricotta, mint and lemon zest
  2. Zucchini, Pea and Ricotta Frittata

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